Sunday, 29 May 2011

Five months - and in!

From the day the slab was poured to the day we moved in - 20 weeks. It was amazing. What seems even more remarkable in retrospect is that if it hadn't been for xmas and Al's knee it might've taken even less time.  I've spoken to other owner-builders who haven't finished their houses years - yes, years! - after starting...

From a paddock to a home.

The ladder suspended between the jail door and the shelves had been my grandad's. He had been a carpenter and I feel very proud that he was able to see the house before he died.

When I was in Spain I saw hand basins that drained into the toilet cistern. It seemed so simple and so ingenious. When I asked the FPU if he could rig up something like that he said he could go one better...

And then came the helper - right on time.

Now I just had to do something about the garden...

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