Saturday, 21 May 2011

...brick in the hearth

The old Italian woman who had had the stove for three generations in two continents must've been quite a bit shorter than me. To build the stove up to a comfortable working height I put in a layer of bricks as a footer, then ran a layer up the wall as a hearth. The bricks came from one Tim - at Building Bitz - and were laid by another Tim - Lauren's brother. I used recycled bricks in keeping with the stove itself, the prison door, much of the timber and all of the doors. The highlight was half a dozen 'Leongatha' stamped bricks that came from Mum and Dad's garden - one of which Tim laid upside down...

Andy - the bloke who did the earthworks - was replacing his wood heater, so his old one was going in to the house for those overcast winter days when the passive solar heating didn't work. Tim laid a small hearth in the middle of the room for that too.

A slab of Crownies later, that was one more job done. Thanks Tim - the only bloke I've ever seen use a brick saw while extremely hungover and wearing thongs...

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