Friday, 20 May 2011

All in all it's just another...

Ok, the reference is a bit stretched, but... Regardless of the fact that there's only a few dozen bricks in the whole house there are indeed walls.

I chose to use ply for the majority of the walls for a number of reasons. It is more visually appealing to see woodgrain than to simply have plaster on every vertical surface. From what little information I could find online it seemed that plantation timber was better environmentally than plaster production. And for its thermal qualities wood is apparently less of a conductor of heat than plaster.

While those reasons are all reasonable and explainable, there was also something quite abstract I wanted to achieve: I wanted the house to not look precious. I wanted the whole place to seem like it was organic, thrown together, not perfect. I like being able to whack nails into the walls willy-nilly. I like that some of the larger timbers still have their mill stamps. I wanted the house to have a semi-industrial look in keeping with the "shed" appearance of the outside. The irony was - like those people whose "just thrown together" outfits take an hour to assemble - the ply was very slow and finicky to hang. 

I absolutely did not want strapping, so that meant butt joining every single piece. And that in turn meant having each edge perfectly aligned with the piece it was abutting... So much sawing and sandpapering and re-sawing and... It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Kudos to my dad and Alan for doing most of the figuring out...

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