Friday, 27 May 2011

The final flurry

As January drew to a close we gave Zak's mate Evan some work and this helped Alan get back on the job. Ev was able to do the ladder climbing and things that Al couldn't do with his bung knee and the two of them worked reasonably well together.

The cafe was extraordinarily busy - taking around $10,000 a week - so there wasn't much I could contribute at this stage. But by the end of the month the house was all but finished!

Since living in the Troppo house I'd envisaged having shelf space atop the windows and Ev managed to transform some old hardwood flooring - from a shearing shed no less - into lovely, practical (apart from the height!) shelves that finished the room beautifully.

We'd also painted throughout. (Although the blue in the best little helper's room - who at this stage was still being referred to as Bruce and was three weeks away from actually arriving - was supposed to be the colour of juvenile bluegum leaves... It has since been repainted in a shade somewhat closer to what we'd intended)

The old fuse box in the hallway came from Tim - I'd admired it on one of my many trips to the Thagg but couldn't afford it. When I got home he'd stowed it beneath some old planks I'd bought that day. It now houses keys, wallets, glasses, etc. And I love it. Good man, Mr Robbins.

Almost almost almost...

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