Wednesday, 6 July 2011


You probably noticed in all those garden pics that the house had acquired a skirt. For the first twelve months - due to various tradie dramas and lack of cash - the house's drawers were on display to all and sundry. Not only embarrassing for a modest abode, but also a nuisance to have to step out the front door onto dusty gravel in summer and mud in winter.

After returning from a couple of months in Ubud where pavers are used judiciously we decided that they'd work for the verandah. Cheaper than timber, durable, low maintenance... So I measured up the depth of the verandah, worked out the number of pavers we'd need, the depth the verandah would need to be to save cutting a row, marked it all up and called Bruce the concreter. After badgering him for weeks he palmed me off onto his son-in-law who turned up once then never again... One of Zak's mates, Beardie, had worked with Bruce and had recently set up his own business. So, I called, he came and he did the job on Australia Day 2009.

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