Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Handmade (Nine)

Today is my birthday. The 9th. I like nines. I was born on the 9th, so was my brother. The 9th of the 9th. When I was 9. I have twin uncles who were also born on the 9th of the 9th. My first niece was born on the 9th too.

I have many nines in my house. Here are a few. 

One cold night with my brother at Windy Hill watching Essendon train we noticed that the old scoreboard was about to be demolished. So we impulsively decided to give this nine  a future that didn't involve landfill...

These two were made by Lisa and her sons, Josh and Nick.

Kerry Spokes from Gecko made this for me when I was at the cafe.

My dear friend Jo found these old bingo numbers and assembled the nine multiples of nine in a three-by-three arrangement so that they form an eternal nine...

Zak made these cups for me.

I made this from old wooden typeface.

Sara made this. On the 9th of the 9th 1999...

And Fiona brought this back from Florence for me...

Thank you all.

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